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Frankfurt Book Fair revisited

December 10, 2005 | By Ron Augustin, European Correspondent

Year after year, ‘Frankfurt’ is a hallucinating event for the companies participating in a fair that, primarily, is a meeting place for professionals - a trading platform for finalizing and communicating publishing, translation and distribution rights rather than a book exhibition for the general public. Yet, this year’s fair has again been interesting for a much larger audience than the publishers alone. Both exhibitor and visitor numbers have been up -- around 7,050 individual exhibitors (from 6,700 the previous year) and 70 collective stands, together representing a record participation of nearly 8,000 companies with a staff of well over 40,000, attracting a total of 284,800 visitors (from 270,400 last year). When the fair opened for the general public, after the traditionally three days reserved for trade visitors only, it recorded with 71,000 the largest one-day visitor number ever. The five-day fair has been accompanied by around 3,000 events, and South Korea’s guest country appearance was not only well organized but was actually one of the most impressive collective shows we’ve ever seen here. ...cont´d

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