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Malayala Manorama chooses QuadTech print quality solutions

Automated color control and waste management in newspapers
February 07, 2017

According to a recent announcement by QuadTech, Indian publishing house Malayala Manorama has purchased a suite of QuadTech print quality control solutions—the ICON Integrated Platform, Register Guidance with MultiCam and Ribbon Control with MultiCam.  

  • Malayala Manorama chooses QuadTech print quality solutions
  • At PrintPack India 2017 announcing the purchase of more QuadTech solutions. L-R: Vince Balistrieri, QuadTech vice president of operations; PP Prakash, vice president - materials for Malayala Manorama; Vinodhkumar Balakrishnan, QuadTech area sales manager

With installation already completed at Malayala Manorama’s headquarters in Kottayam, Kerala, the QuadTech solutions are expected to significantly reduce makeready times, minimize errors and reduce waste. By the end of 2017, the phased installation will deploy QuadTech automation on 42 towers on 11 presses, across 7 different locations.

Malayala Manorama, a leading media group in India, is best known for producing one of the largest regional newspapers in the country, the Malayala Manorama. The news daily is Kerala’s largest circulating newspaper and the third largest in India, with a daily circulation of 2.35 million copies.

“At Malayala Manorama, we are renowned for our emphasis on quality and recognized for delivering superior publications. As such, it’s vital that we continue to implement systems that safeguard our reputation and guarantee high quality print, while also ensuring our operations are as productive as possible,” commented PK Philip, vice president of works, Malayala Manorama. “With QuadTech’s integrated control systems, we can maintain the level of print quality our customers expect, improve reliability and reduce waste. In addition, QuadTech’s excellent support team is already implementing a smooth installation process.”

  • Malayala Manorama chooses QuadTech print quality solutions
  • QuadTech’s MultiCam is the world’s best-selling register control camera, with over 15,000 installed worldwide

Superb streamlining
The QuadTech ICON platform is a single, central station that can integrate with existing software and is designed for optimal efficiency. Operators can quickly recall and apply stored job setup data, delivering savings in terms of equipment setup time, labor and materials. ICON offers outstanding flexibility and ROI; as more products become ICON-compliant, operators can integrate each new press control system cost-effectively, without the need to invest in stand-alone Operator Control Stations.

Register Guidance with MultiCam is a closed-loop color-to-color register control system designed to integrate with other QuadTech products, including the Ribbon Control system, on the ICON platform. MultiCam is the world’s best-selling register camera, with over 15,000 installed worldwide.

Ribbon Control with MultiCam minimizes waste by making automatic angle-bar adjustments during startup before ink even becomes visible. It resides on the ICON platform, which allows all QuadTech press control systems to share a single, user-friendly interface.

“Malayala Manorama is a highly regarded newspaper printer in India, so it’s a great endorsement for our technology that they are installing QuadTech systems across the territory,” commented Vinodhkumar Balakrishnan, area sales manager for South East Asia and Korea, QuadTech. “Waste management and automated color control is an important factor in the newspaper industry’s efficiency and cost considerations. As such, the QuadTech ICON platform provides a fully integrated quality control system that delivers valuable competitive and profit driving benefits, as well as being a fully flexible platform that can accommodate future product upgrades and enhancements.”

  • Malayala Manorama chooses QuadTech print quality solutions

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