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The Indian eBook readers

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July 19, 2010 | By Aakriti Agarwal

eBook readers have been one of the most talked about gadgets of the past year. The electronic hand-held devices are good for downloading books, newspapers and magazines from the Internet for storing content and reading black text on their generally greenish grey screens legibly and comfortably. Amazon’s Kindle among the first eReaders (launched in 2007, while Sony’s eReader was launched in 2006) quickly grabbed the world’s attention with quick launches of various models, upgrades, and pricing strategy. Providing access to digital downloads in 100 countries and territories helped it grab market share and brand visibility across the world. Amazon launched a graphite Kindle on 7 July 2010 priced at US$ 379.00 (approximately Rs 18,000 without customs duty). Sony, Fujitsu Flepia, IPEX Technologies, Plastic Logic by Barnes & Noble are other eReaders we have written about. In China more than 44 eReaders are manufactured. In the meanwhile the multi-function and full colour Apple iPad which also works as an eReader and has made important inroads with content providers continues to sell at a blistering pace of a million machines each month. ...cont´d

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