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Indian Printer and Publisher RSS Feeds

About the Indian Printer and Publisher RSS news feed
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) allows you to receive automatic updates throughout the day about the stories Indian Printer and Publisher is posting. It is XML-based and provides you with an automatic content feed from the Indian Printer and Publisher website.

What does this mean?
With an RSS feed you receive an alert every time a story is posted on Indian Printer and Publisher. So the latest news comes to you, rather than having to check on the website to see if new stories have been posted.

How do I set it up?
1. Get a RSS Reader
In order to be able to use the Indian Printer and Publisher RSS feed you will need to choose a news reader and download it to your PC. This allows you to set up news content feeds. Some shareware aggregators which provide news feeds are listed below.

Example News Aggregators (or RSS Readers)
There are a number of news readers available. Try using a search engine to get a listing. Here's a short list of RSS readers you might like to try:

More info on RSS
What is RSS? - XML.com

Indian Printer and Publisher News via RSS
Indian Printer and Publisher now offers RSS feeds for most of its general and sector-specific news. Simply click the feeds you are interested in from the list below, then add the URL to your reader. Not all readers operate in the same way, so refer to your reader's user guide for more details.