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Brings you India's best monthly trade magazine for print and publishing.

Indian Printer and Publisher was founded in April 1979. In April 2014 we enter our 36th year of publication. Reaching publishing and print professionals throughout South Asia, our print monthly and its web version covers commercial and publication prepress and print, digital document and variable printing, the wide format signage industry and consumables such as paper, ink and chemicals as well.

The print and web versions of Indian Printer and Publisher deserve your support as tech savvy platforms that have continuously shown leadership in providing a window to technological change in a fast moving industry. We always seek positive feedback from our readers and advertisers and while we would love to hear your views, we appreciate that a subscription is the best feedback that we can get from you. Now you can subscribe to Indian Printer and Publisher online with your credit or debit card.

You can also avail special rates for subscribing to the monthly print version of Packaging South Asia. In case you would prefer to speak to one of our subscription team please call our landline at +91-120-4326053, 4546988 and ask for the subscription department or dial extension 30. You can also directly call Omkar at +91-9999115818 or Umesh at +91-9654256258 or reach them by emailing subscription@ippgroup.in.


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